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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis


90 Minutes to stop Smoking

The Valleywide Hypnosis Stop Smoking Now program at our Scottsdale location will allow you to build the internal confidence needed and allow you to effectively manage stress, while quitting the smoking habit without additional cravings and most all withdrawal symptoms.

Lifelong smokers become non smokers daily with less discomfort and greater ease than they would have previously thought possible. Our program accomplishes this is such a natural way that you will actually enjoy the process.

The Program:

• Will allow you to Stop smoking without the discomfort of withdrawal or cravings.

• Detoxify your system which allows you to feel healthier sooner.

• Allows you to become a non smoker without additional habits forming (i.e. weight gain).

• Move the stress and negative feelings related to smoking.

• Improve your body image and self esteem.


Our program targets and recognizes the dynamic nature in which one becomes a light or heavy habitual smoker, while developing an eclectic approach to treatment instead of relying on one standard method. Our comprehensive program allows for an easier approach in braking the habit of smoking, while modifying behavior patterns that previously caused the smoking habit, allowing you to overcome this addiction to nicotine. New non smokers recognize a greater awareness of self confidence and sense of personal gain, while developing a natural and modified positive self image. The new non smoker also notices that they have a greater self motivation for positive change, which becomes addictive and leads to modifying other behaviors in their life.

These incredible feeling s come with the successful breaking of a habit and addiction they had previously thought unbreakable and to hard to quit. Valleywide uses an organic and natural method to stop the smoking habit that does not involve chemicals, drugs, or nicotine withdrawal medicines. Hypnosis is a natural non abrasive method that does not have any withdraw or side effects.

Valleywide Hypnosis recognizes an outstanding success rate with our program. When you are truly dedicated and serious about wanted to stop the smoking habit, and become a permanent non smoker, Valleywide Hypnosis will assist you with making this desire a reality.

By utilizing Hypnosis to stop smoking is:

• Very Safe

• Cost Effective

• Permanent

• Life Changing

Hypnosis use for Quitting the Smoking Habit:

Have you ever tried to quit smoking with willpower alone?. Did you realize that you quickly found yourself back into this habit which may have been stimulated by external forces such as stress, Cravings or life experiences?

What typically happens is that your subconscious mind actively is at odds and fighting your conscious waking efforts based on your past habitual routines, and that at some point smoking was actually a pleasurable experience for you.

Since you have been a smoker there have been subconscious triggers embedding themselves into your subconscious that make up your habit. Every time you lift a cigarette to your lips or have a good feeling when you inhale the cigarette contribute and re-enforce the habit you have built over the years. Each of these cues adds weight to your subconscious that you are doing something that is pleasurable or beneficial in some way.

The greatest and most important part of this process is for you to be completely honest with yourself and ask yourself if you want to quit the smoking habit and stop smoking permanently. If you are completely honest and come to the decision that you do want to quit smoking this will work, otherwise you would just be wasting your money.

How Hypnosis can help you

We (you and I) work with your subconscious or the inner mind which controls the desire for smoking and cigarettes, Hypnosis will eliminate the internal conflict between your conscious desires and your subconscious reactions to smoking. Hypnosis works in a permanent manner to completely rid the desire to continue with this Habit.

Why your will power alone will not work

People will often think that quitting a particular habit or modifying a belief structure is a conscious effort that requires willpower, and will often say to themselves “I don’t have enough willpower or the strength to quit”. The problem with this defective mode of thinking is that the individual assumes that willpower is under the control of the conscious mind, when in fact is managed and controlled by your deeper subconscious mind. The conscious mind may be able to alter a habit and quite smoking for a time, but may find itself rebounding quickly back to the comfort of the old habit whenever a stressful situation presents itself.

How you will know when you are ready to Quit Smoking

You will notice at some point that the bad has completely overwhelmed the good. When the smell of smoke, the coughing, the money, or your health becomes more of a priority that you are focusing a vast amount of your energy and time researching and thinking about quitting, you are at the right stage of mind. At some point you will notice that becoming a non smoker just makes whole lot more sense than continuing a health deteriorating habit.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis instructs and teaches your subconscious mind what you have already learned and understood consciously: Cigarettes are an extremely unhealthy and expensive habit that you just do not want any more existing in your life and reality. Hypnosis works with the power of your subconscious to end the cravings and good feelings that you had found pleasurable as a smoker. We will replace what existed before in your inner subconscious mind with a new source of great feelings, and a healthy view of life that does not involve smoking.

If you're ready to quit your subconscious mind will accept these suggestions rapidly. When effectively communicated your subconscious mind will no longer crave something outside of yourself to make itself feel good, and will not replace your past habit with destructive new habits such as overeating. You will simply no longer think about smoking as you have become a non-smoker.

How Well Does Hypnosis Work for Stopping the Smoking Habit?

Hypnosis is an extremely effective method of cessation of smoking, most people that really want to quite walk out of my office after one visit with no desire to continue smoking. Most likely you will be one of these individuals that become so fed up with smoking that Hypnosis will be extremely effective for you. A few people may feel a little desire for smoking but it will be toned down and be easily controlled until it effectively vanishes completely.

My clients have stayed successful with the cessation program by occasionally re-enforcing what was added to the subconscious by listening to their recorded session, practicing self hypnosis, or visiting for a reinforcement session. This program can completely rid the desire and habit of smoking for you and allow you to transform yourself to a non smoker for the rest of your life.




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